Information about me

In here you can find information about the author of Achieving your goals - reaching your dreams -blog author.

Contact information

You can contact me by mail: my email adress is

How old I am?

I'm forever in my twenties! Or at least that's what I say everytime it's my birthday. In reality I'm 29-year old, so soon-to-be nearing the 30's middle age crisis. Some people often compliment me by saying I don't look like I was that old. It's really nice to have such polite friends!

What is my dream?

My dream is to participate on a ironman triathlon someday. This blog got started from that idea, to start training for ironman triathlon. The idea, or thought, was to keep the training fun and stay motivated to keep training for that goal.

For now it seems that the dream is going to be taking place in year 2015. That's because most races are already full and it's rather big investment to compete in one. Once I have triathlon bike, I'll make sure I'm first in line to sign-up for the registration for the race.

Even though my dream is rather ambitious (after all it is the king of endurance races), I'm not planning to write here about training if it isn't really enjoyable to the readers also. Sports need to be fun and enjoyable, if you do it with grinning your teeths there's no point. So expect lots of different variety posts here.

Though... Since I'm not 110% perfect, there might be some boring posts about "i hit the gym and read mens health while spinning in treadmill for an hour -type of posts... ;)

All my dream takes is to train, train and plan in advance what to do. After that I'm just registration away from being a ironman!

Why should "I" read this blog?

Well, there are millions of blogs and everyone has their own reason to write those. Everyone also has their own advertisements why you should watch this blog. Well, there main reason to follow me is that: if you're intrested in reading a slightly different sports blog. Or at least I want to think of this blog as a bit different than the rest on the 'net.

My blog will have varies of topics from running-to food making- to competiting- or doing some random stuff at day-off. As long what I do is fun and worth to write about, then you can find it here!

Also I try to write my blogposts the way it would be inspirational to others to try doing sports themselves also. One main point is that it will bring motivation to keep going towards my goal and dream...

I got addicted to doing sports about two-three years ago. Before that I was slightly overweight and all I was intrested was playing a game called World of Warcraft. So I know first handed how important getting motivated to keep doing sports is. I just wish someone would have told me 15 years ago how fun track and field was.

TLDR: I try to write the way everyone would get inspiritation to try something different.

My favourite food?

I like so many food and my stomach is like a bottomles pit at times. I have to mention few of my most liked foods though: Chili Con Carne, Smashed potatoes with fishsticks and as a veggie choice it's spinach lasagna.

If I need to cook up a really quick and delicious food, it has to be pasta and chicken. Add some cottage cheese to it and voilá, easy fix of nutrious and delicious food is made! I'm also a addict of cottage cheese and I think everything I cook turns one hundread times better with it, than without it...

Favourite drink

Milk! More specific it's coffee with milk added on it!

How many times I train/ week?

Taking into consideration what my "dream/goal" is, I don't train near enough what I should be. As my dream is to participate on a Ironman triathlon and finishing it under the set time, I should start training a lot more often.

My weekly training routine is like this: first 2 days running, then 3rd day spend at local gym for muscle training and then the 4th day is day-off. Rinse and repeat. Also add occasional floorball games and other fun stuff at times.

Once the nearest swimming hall opens again, I'll add morning swim practices to my daily routines.

What do I do outside of training?

I sleep. Take photos of things. Write this blog. I play some silly game, or just chilling around somewhere. I could apply some work details here, but let's leave that as mystery for now.

My hobbies?

I think I have too many hobbies. I believe in astrology (my sign is sagittarius) and my nature tends to be like this: I get intrested in something really easily, but as easily I'm attracted by some new fun thing, I quickly drop it because I lose my intrest in it.. Seriously, I'm like a squirrel :D

But Some of my hobbies include photography, writing content in news articles, blogs, videoediting and surprise surprise running.

My most amazing/ breath taking moment so far?

This is a tough one... I've had so many memorable moments in my life, so making choices is hard... I have had the honor of doing the graduating students speech, my first half marathon finishing... My first karate belt exams (which I was really nervous about how it will go) and getting that first belt... There's lot to mention.

I have to mention my very first full-lenght marathon I ran in year 2013, which was the Helsinki City Marathon. Participating on it and finishing the goal line was just amazing experience. Everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. The road from start to finish is something you will remember always. The first 20 kilometers go with smile on your face "hey this is easy", then at 30 kilometers, it starts to feel on your legs and the last few kilometers you think you're flying. Add finishing the goal line and you have some legendary moments right there.

If I could be an animal, which reflected my nature, what would it be?

If I was an Pokemon, I definetely would be Snorlax. Otherwise Sloth (they are so cute) would describe me very well. There was this application in Facebook, that allowed you to tell which dog race your personality would fit the most - For some reason it labeled me as gazehound... :D

My dream profession?

If someone finds a timemachine, do tell me the location of it. I would change direction of my life and travel back in time and study to become a doctor. This dream profession set aside, one of my ambitions is to be in a work where I can advice or council people. Like for example at bank. My secret dream is to make a career as a politician... ;)